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My name is Lacey and I live in Florida. I have 2 cats, Niko and Loki.

I was hoping someone could help me out with the problem we have been having lately with our two cats. I've had both my male cats since they were kittens, they are both neutered, declawed in the front, and indoor cats. Niko is 6 years old and our younger cat is 3. Niko has always loved our younger cat and has never showed aggression to other cats or to people. However, we moved to Florida last year and Niko has gradually become more and more aggressive towards the younger cat, my husband and myself.

The aggression is always sudden. He will literally "snap" and turn into this wild psychotic cat that viciously attacks Loki and comes close to attacking my husband or myself. His ears will be back, he will hiss, growl, spat, swat, and lunge at us. He doesn't seem to recognize us during his psychotic episodes. It's quite scary. Usually about 20 minutes later he will return to loving everyone again, like nothing happened.

Last Saturday, he "snapped" again but this time he didn't come out of it for almost the entire day. He had no reason to be terrified, but for some reason he was so frightened as my husband and I were trying to calmly get close to him that he pooped all over the floor in the corner where he was cowering and just laid in it. (he's never pooped or peed outside the litterbox, and never in fear) He had no reason to be frightened. It was very bizarre. When you look into Niko's eyes when he is in a psychotic episode, he doesn't look like himself... he looks like a different cat inside Niko's body.

Since Saturday he is now okay around my husband and myself, but we've had to put him in the garage because he cannot function being in the same house with our younger cat. The second he sees the younger cat, he turns back into his psychotic self.. It's been 5 days and he's not completely back to normal. Does anyone have any experience with this? We cannot live like this.

Thank you in advance to anyone who may respond
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