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Well, first off you need to start off with his parents.

His mother Abby

Cookie - 90% sure he would have to be the father.

1-2 weeks old. I think he is the kitten closest to her back legs.

1-2 weeks old. Again the one closest to her back legs.

Baby Chester!!!!

To think he used to be that small :luv

and innocent

quite innocent

I bet it didn't even hurt when he chewed on your fingers...

or eat your hair

After finally growing all his fur back - he had ringworm quite badly for a while.

Him and his sister, Crystal

Fuzzy...and quite kingly as well!

"what dat?"

"Who me?"

Jill, Chester, and Crystal

Chester - who else looks like that?

more recently

and just a few nights ago.

I hope you enjoyed them! It was really fun looking at pictures of when he was so tiny :luv
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