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Hi all,

Hope you're all well. It's been a while since I haven't posted anything here. My Lily (adopted from the local shelter in November 2016 at the age of 5 months) is going well. Weighting a heavy 8 pound, she is fully grown now and healthy.

Since I have her, she vomited may-be 2-3 times per year, but lately it seems like she started doing it more often and I was wondering if any of you had a clue of what's going on before I bring her to the vet?

- It's clear liquid, most likely water, but it's viscous (slimy). No smell. Some hair in it sometimes.

- She eats the same quality food & same amount since she's 1 (1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening). Nothing's changed in her behavior and she's never been outside.

I read on the internet that vomiting 1 to 2 times per week was ''normal'', but wanted advices as from this forum. Anything more than 1-2 times per week should be reported to the vet as per what I read.

What do you guys think?

Cheers from Lily.

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Does she vomit the same time in the day? e.g. occasionally both my cats will vomit in the morning, slimy and visquous as you describe,, before they have had any breakfast. I asked my vet about it, and she said it was because of acid in the stomach. Before this happens one of my cats will look around for something to eat, such as chewing on a plastic bag, and a plant, so that it makes him vomit. If the vomiting is at a time when the stomach is not empty such as right after eating, it could be cat's become sensitive to the food---a particular brand or content such as chicken, or some other reason. I agree if it's becoming more "usual" than not, that you should take her to a vet to be checked out.

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Hi eduskator,

I'm so glad that Lily is doing well, other than this vomiting issue. She is a cutie!

catowneragain and catloverami have already listed all of the causes that I can think of. Even though she's not vomiting up any hairballs, it could be that she's trying to. No pooping issues?

I have to disagree with what you read about it being normal for cats to vomit 1-2 times a week. That seems really strange to me. I tend to be overly cautious, but I'd want the vet to check her out.
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