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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum!

My kitten Ori (F, almost 3 months old now) was rehomed by me and my partner in December when she was 8 weeks old so almost 1 month ago.

Her first week was great, she had no problems at all and seemed to get on with using the litter-tray absolutely fine. During Xmas week, problems started to arise:

  • She had a bit of diarrhoea (we gave her Pro-Kolin for a week and currently about to start with Fortiflora) for a few days. This has gotten a bit better now but her poos are still not 100% solid yet. Her diet is super lean, Chicken and Rice/Pumpkin pouches from Applaws and dry food from Science Plan.
  • That week we'd wake up in the bed and there was always a tiny bit of diarrhoea somewhere in the bed. This has now stopped thankfully and she hasn't pooed around the house for a good week and a half at least.

The main problem now is that even if she stopped pooing, she started peeing on our bed instead. We have cleaned the bed sheets and even the duvet several times with detergent and also adding Simple Solution Cat Odour Remover in the washing machine before, so that it spreads properly in the clothes. This doesn't seem to do anything at all. Yes, the smell seems to be gone (for a human nose) but clearly she still associates the bed with "peeing spot" as this has happened consistently almost every night (and occasionally sometimes during the day too).

We took her to the vets 3 times in the last month (it's becoming really expensive too) and the vets are being pretty unhelpful, to be honest. They have collected faecal samples and we should be getting the results today. Generally, they say she's in good health (1.3 kg, could be a little heavier so we are trying to give her more food) and to wait for the results.
The vet said she could be peeing for attention, which surprised us because we give her SO much attention, more akin to a dog than a cat really, and often play with her or have her in our laps when we work and pet her all the time...

Do you guys have any tips/recommendations? Maybe some products you'd recommend to deter her from peeing on the bed? Maybe Feliway could help?
I really do not want to throw away the mattress, it's really expensive and fairly new.
I'll definitely buy waterproof mattress covers but I'm worried it might be too late now.

Any help will be appreciated. thank you so much and happy new year.
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