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Kitty a one-year old indoor Maine **** mix was at the vets a few weeks ago because I believe Greenies had given her an upset tummy with diarrhea. She was put on Flagyl but it was stopped as the culture turned out negative.

The following week she started having urinary symptoms - frequent trips to litter box and straining with little urine passing - I think this may have been related to the diarrhea episode but anyway the vet put her on an Metacam for three days for the inflammation and Clavamox for 14 days.
She was much improved in about 5 days.

The following week she was due for her annual - routine shots ie. rabies, distemper, leukemia. All well and good.

This week her right eye has been itchy - half closed and squinting for the past two days so I figure off to the vet again :-?. She had the eye drop test and sure enough a corneal scratch ulcer on the outer upper corner. The vet said she may have gotten it anywhere - even by scratching herself. So she got some ointment put in and a protection collar put on. I have to do ointment twice a day for next two and a half days and then get a recheck on Thursday. She did try to kick off her collar when she got home but now she is sleeping comfortably not under the bed, or on her cat tree or the couch but on top of the the dining room cabinet of all places she likes to frequent that spot.

The vet told me that she has to tell all her clients with eye problems that if it does not heal then she has to go see the kitty optomologist at the Tufts small animal hospital where they do surgery to resurface the cornea. I hope her's does heal and it doesn't come to that. Send vibes for a good checkup on Thursday.

Thank God for pet insurance!

I gave my vet a copy of All My Patients are under the Bed - an autobiography of the legendary New York vet Dr. Louis J. Camuti. It is a heartwarming, fun reading, hilarous look at his life and all the obstacles and challenges he faced in caring for cats. Look it up on ebay and get yourself a copy if you haven't read it already. You won't be disappointed.

Here is a link with an interview with his sister about her famous brother. Enjoy!, Louis J. '20 BioInt.pdf
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