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I tried to make the title legible but descriptive. I hope it worked.

Me and my spouse have never owned cats. A cat that chose me while pregnant bad kittens. 2 we adopted out, 2 we kept. 1 male, 1 female. The male is now 9lbs, longer hair. Female 5.5lbs. At bed time the male purrs super loud and will let out a very "basic" meow almost rhythmically, but especially if we cease rubbing him. He will walk from me to my husband and back multiple times. He head butts my husband's throat and berries his head into his hands. He makes biscuits mainly on me.

His litter mate, female short hair, didn't join us in bed as quickly and totally as the boy. She is way higher strung, an amazing acrobat, and harder to love on.( wants to bite or claw alot ) she seems like ADHD. But one night she got up to my armpit, and backed up till she was over it and up by my throat. Now she does this every night always after the boy is already in his routine. Once she is in position the boy won't go back to my husband anymore, he will kinda call to him after crawling on me as close to him as he can get if he does move.

One thing that stops his moving and meowing totally is when he lays next to his sister and she cleans his ears and stuff.

They have obvious differences in DNA inherited. The boy was soft pawed and just an easy pet from word go. She has been complicated. He is vocal, she JUST started being a bit vocal.

What do you make of his night behavior?
Any other comments given the information are more than welcomed!!

I will add a recent photo of each when I get home to take a picture. Here are some from younger than 5 mo. The black/Darker one is significantly bigger now.


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