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My cat had 4 kittens 7 1/2 weeks ago. I began the weaning process as suggested by other posts on this site at the appropriated times. All but one of the kittens are doing quite well. The littlest kitten has no interest in any of the food that is put out for them. The others have been eating and nursing for at least two weeks now. She will not eat but will nurse. Is this unusual? At what point should the kittens be completely weaned from the Mom kitty? We plan to keep the littlest kitten, the one who is not eating, but plan to find homes for the other three hopefully within the next week or so. Is thios time frame okay to separate them from their mom? Should they not be nursing at all for a certain amount of time before they are separated or will they be okay if they are mostly eating and just ocassionally nursing?
First time with this experience of nurturing kittens and weaning them so any suggestions and help is greatly needed and appreciated.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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