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Hi, i just got a 7week old kitten as she had already weaned off from the mum, the breeder decided to let go of her, and we were happy to get her home. She is full of energy and bounces around, sleeps lots and plays lots.

Her eyes and nose were absolutely fine when we selected her at 5weeks, but when we collected her on monday, the breeder said she just has some food stuck on her eyes n nose and you can go home and clean it up. There were brownish residue on here nose and near her eyes.
The next day, we called the groomer who gave her a quick shower and she was super clean and fresh.
All day sge was ok, and she slept fine too. She sleeps on my hubby 🙂
The next morning, she had red scabs near her eyes n nose again. Can someone please advise.
We are waiting another 3 days before we take her to the vet, as she completes 8weeks and the vet said he will vaccinate and deworm and check her alltogether on the same day.
Im attaching a pic after her shower and also the next day.
Please advise as im a little worried for her.


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