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It's likely that it is more than just your 3 suspects who are peeing around.

Hopefully they are all spayed and neutered, if not, that's your first job since it is the most likely cause.

Good suggestions have been given so far. More boxes, in more places. A variety of litter types to cater to all preferences. Scrupulously clean boxes. Complete vet exams with urinalysis if not done already. There are ways to tell which cat is peeing, such as fluorescein dye given orally, one cat at a time.

The blacklight is a great idea; it will give you a true idea of the extent problem. Most owners are quite surprised when they see where the urine *really* is!

Drugs are never a sure thing in terms of behavior changes, and will almost never work without other environmental and behavior modification measures being taken at home. Plus they all have side effects, some of which are dangerous. Most of the time, these environmental and behavioral measures will resolve the problem without drugs.

Flower essences, on the other hand, are very safe and can help a great deal with territory issues (the most likely scenario here). See The formulas "Too Many Cats!" and "Peacemaker" are possibilities, as well as "Safe Space" and "Mine!" depending on the exact motivators of the problem.

Play Therapy can be an important part of reducing territorial stress ( ... w&item=012) Also, increasing the vertical space by using cat trees and cat shelving ( is very helpful.

For more on causes and cures, see the articles on litterbox secrets in our free article library.

Dr. Jean
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