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I live in an apartment with my girlfriend our 3 year old and a roommate. And our 9 cats:

Binx was our first cat. Large. jet black and panther like he wandered into our yard 2 years ago and we let him in. He's never left. He's a big lovable lug and very protective of our daughter. He's approximately 3-4 years old.

Linnie was a rescue. She lost her ears, part of her tail , a toe and sight in one eye from frostbite. She's difficult, has large, sharp clumsy claws and is a total attention suck up.

Wren was an adoptee last winter. We got her when she was 3 months old (I met her when she was 1 month old). She's the rambunctious child of the group and is constantly getting into things. I love her tons.

And then the newbies:

Mama Cat and the 5 kittens. I rescued them from a home in philly. The kittens were maybe 2 weeks old and with the permission of the owner I put them all In a box (they were in her back yard) and brought them home. They are cute and sweet and mama cat is attached to me like an extra limb.

So now we have 9 cats. Holy crap
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