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My friend's cat went into hiding for a day in a corner behind the couch. Wouldn't eat, didn't come to sleep in the owner's bed. Cats are weird. They do things.
The next day, it finally comes out of its self-imposed seclusion, and the cat's back end is soaked in urine. He'd peed on a collapsed cat tunnel, and simply sat in it.
My friend proceeds to lose his mind. As would have I. Is the cat dying? What's going on? Oh my God! So he races the cat to the vet. They do the tests and prescribe some pills (not sure what the pills were for, I think they were for possible stomach upset because the exams showed some stomach irritation). Other than that, the tests indicate the same thing: nothing appears to be wrong with the cat.
Has ANYONE ever heard of this sort of behavior pattern? This is a very well-behaved cat and it hasn't ever exhibited bad litter box habits before. And my friend dotes on this animal. Nothing unusual was going on, no new cats, no new people, no stressors. The idea that an upset stomach would have it sitting in a pool of it's own urine just seems a little too tenuous. As I said, if anyone has encountered this kind of syndrome before, many thanks for sharing any knowledge.
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