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I picked Abby up yesterday and everything is going well - she is already sleeping on my bed as I write this :) however I have noticed that some of her claws appear to be splitting - should I get a vet to take a look / clip them or will her scratching post sort them out. The aren't too long or curly just like some layers of the claw have started to peel.

Second question is she had her first lot of vaccinations on Friday and I have her booked in for her second in 3 weeks time. The thing is some of my family are travelling up in a couple of weeks (they aren't staying with me) and they want to see my new house, as we only moved a couple of months ago, and of course meet Abby. The thing is they have a cat that goes outside and Abby won't have had all her jabs - is it possible to get them done at 2 weeks rather than 3?

Thanks xxx
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