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Ellen Degeneres had three young women on her morning talk show a couple of days ago, and their story really epitomizes kindness. One girl was on crutches.

The girl with crutches and the other two girls were on opposing NCAA softball teams. They were in their late teens, I believe. The girl with crutches had hit one out of the park, with two girls on base, and in watching the ball clear the fence, she missed first base. Her coach yelled, "You missed first!" So she turned immediately, felt a horrible pain, and heard a terrible crunch at her knee as she fell in agony. She crawled to first in tears. If her team touched her the homerun would have been called a single.

The other girls, on the opposite team, heard her screams and ran to the umpire. They asked if they could carry her around the bases, and he agreed. The two girls did what we used to call the fireman's hold, with their arms interlocked under the injured girl's thighs and carried her back to first, lowered their arms so her toe touched the base. Then they continued, to second, third, and home. Her team won the game.

Ellen asked, "Didn't you realize you were going to lose the game?" And they said, "No. All that occurred to us was to ask if we could carry her."

What a wonderful example of selflessness and goodness. Bless their hearts! :D

Here's the story, complete with video.
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