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Hi everyone! My name is Genevieve, and I have my own menagerie!

I live in a small house in NY with four dogs and two cats, all of which (thankfully) get along. Even though we have a large yard, all of the animals are indoor animals-meaning they sleep and eat indoors (the cats are permanently indoors).

All of my animals are adopted from shelters, and along with my boyfriend (who is, interestingly enough, allergic to animals) we are a full house. My boyfriend and I met in the Peace Corps, stationed in Kenya, which is also where we adopted our first dog, Aztec. Aztec first wormed his way into our hearts when he rescued our survival kit from a steep ledge in our first month of work. We don't know why he took to us, but we brought him home and gave him lots of love. Needless to say, we have no idea what kind of dog he is.

After our two years in the Corps, we moved to NY to be near our families. I am currently working as a cultural anthropologist among various different groups and teaching at a small college. After our move, my boyfriend and I rescued two dogs from a shelter. They were not in the same litter, but have grown to become like twin brother and sister. Juliet is a pitbull/blonde lab mix and Toki is a border collie/Australian shepherd mix.

When these two turned one, my boyfriend and I adopted our precious kitties- brothers from the same litter which we named Tom and Huck. They are orange and white medium-haired domestics rescued from an agency near our home. Poor guys were found in a storm drain! They are the main reason we are joining this forum site.

Our newest little addition is only two months old, and the wiliest little girl we have ever seen. Her name is Yeyuka and she is a mix of cocker spaniel, golden retriever, and border collie. Already, she can keep up with her brothers in energy.
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