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A funny thing happened at Petsmart

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Back story: I have had three cats for the past year, but my oldest one died recently at age 17. I wasn't looking for another cat at all, I planned to just enjoy my two and be glad to not be dealing with any litter box issues currently....but...I have always wanted a pointed cat, so when my moms neighbor happened to have a pointed kitten two weeks ago that she offered me, I first said no, then went back memorial day and said yes. Kitten is still with mom for two more weeks though.

So last night I was at petsmart getting feliway and kitten stuff, and I looked into the cat adoption room. They had a big beautiful snowshoe in there that caught my eye and I have not been able to stop thinking about. I want to go back and see it today.

I have already committed to the kitten and I still want it very much, and I can't do both, so I should just forget about this snowshoe, right?
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i don't know. if you're already committed to the first one, i'd feel obligated to go ahead and take it unless you think she'll have an easy time getting another home. play with both of them, you might like one more. having the cat you want is also pretty important.
I never break a commitment on a whim. It doesn't make me like myself.
I would never back out on the kitten without talking to the lady who has them first and making sure he had another home lined up. She said she had alot of interest in him, but I do want him. I think I'm just excited and being impatient. Funny that I didn't want another cat and now I obviously do, even if I tell myself otherwise. I have a plan b at least if the kitten falls through on the other end for any reason.
Well if there are other good homes that would like the kitten, definately think about adopting the cat at petsmart. I volunteer with a rescue that houses cats at Petco, and we have only had one adoption since I have been volunteering(about a month and 1/2) some of those cats have been there so long, and especially with all the kittens available this time of year, not many people want to adopt an adult cat. I have fallen in love with all the cats we have at Petco, and If I hadn't found a stray I would definatley adopted one of them. I feel like they understand what is going on, and they have all been through so much that they are soo lovable and appreciative of the time that I spend with them.
i tend to agree with Shan. i've got a real soft spot for the adult and senior kitties that have lost their homes. rescuing one from depression and loneliness is the most wonderful thing in the world. i'll bet that snowshoe would be eternally grateful and show it everyday.

if the kitten has another home to go to, i'd definitely go back for the snowshoe. i wish people would stop letting their cats have babies! there are too many homeless ones out there already.

of course, if you are up to the task of having 4 kitties...that's another story!
This is definately a tough decision. The same thing happend with my Sasha. I was lined up to get a ragdoll kitten (which turned out to be from a shadey breeder so I am glad I didn't get one in the end) when I came across my sasha. She is 6 and was an ex breeding/show cat. I fell in love with the pic and went to the breeder to see her. She is a very loving/person oriented cat... it was clear that she was neglected... overweight and went nuts when I gave her attention... The breeder was glad she was gone.... there wasn't much interest in her because of her age.

An older cat is much easier to have around then a kitten. I have two 1 y/o cats/kittens and let me say I am glad I didnt get a third kitten. They cause enough trouble themselves :dis.

It sounds like the kitten will be lined up to a new home. You have to think... do you really really realllly want a pointed cat now? If you really love the snowshoe, go back and see her/him. I wouldn't wait too long, it might be gone, who knows. I really wanted a male sealpoint ragdoll but I ended up with another female and she is blue point. In the future will I get one I originally wanted? Maybe. It's not the end of the world if I don't. You could say to yourself that the next cat you get is a colourpoint kitten(even if it's the far far faaaar future like me).
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I would first of all find out if the kitten you were going to take would get another home easily. Also what age is the Snowshow, if it's an older cat I would seriously think about adopting him since not everyone wants an old cat, even a 1 year old. Listen to your heart.
I have to agree with the majority. Rehoming a kitten is usually easier. If you are concerned about seeming flakey you could always look for someone who wants the kitten and maybe even offer to spay/neuter if it isn't being done by the current owner.

The older cat will have more trouble finding a home, imo. I also agree with visiting with them both and seeing who you click with. No sense in taking one only to find out you really don't like each other (and spend forever wondering if it was the wrong choice).
Well I went back to look again today, the cat room was locked up both times, so I haven't interacted with her yet. I will have to make an appointment with the group that is housing her there to see her. The only info on her card was 3 yo female, good with kids and other cats. She isn't on petfinder either. The kitten is still a go for now, I haven't decided if I'm going to call the group or not.
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