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I have to admit, due to my last encounter with having a male kitten neutered, I was seriously nervous about leaving him.. But the ladies at the clinic were wonderful.

He has all his shots, and his Feline Leukemia test was negative, so that's also a big plus! The ladies at the clinic said he was very sweet and a huge purr box while he was there. I am surprised - I did give them a disclaimer when I dropped him off, saying that he was prone to be a little aggressive at times. No issues there, obviously :]

Anyhow, he was so doped up when I got him home.. He kept trying to follow me around the house, and he kept trying to play with his toys, but he kept stumbling into the wall and falling over. I couldn't help but giggle about it, but it was impossible to keep him still so he'd relax. It wasn't for a good 4 hours after we got home that he finally fell asleep for a few minutes.

Anyhow, here's a couple pictures:

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