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ditto what everyone else said.

our Angel is a bit of a biter herself. we adopted her a little over 2 months ago and i'd say it took her a good 4 weeks minimum to trust us enough to stop the "serious" biting thing. we figure it may be because she had been declawed a long time ago and biting was the way she found worked best to warn others that she was irritated. she gave both me and my husband a good chomp very early on when we brushed her too long once, but we both learned quickly to stop smothering her with attention and stop brushing her when she told us to! so now we all have a very good understanding relationship. :crazy

she still uses her mouth to warn us when she's had enough, but now it's just a funny little "fake bite" - she snaps at the air but never seriously goes for our hand or anything. we love her and we're sure she loves us now, too, because she purrs like crazy and coos like a pigeon when she's really happy.

believe me, once you gain the trust of a kitty like that it's the most rewarding feeling in the world.
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