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.I think it was all about gaining trust, especially if you dont know her background. ..

Sounds like a trust issue and maybe some over stimulation.

and Botany said what I was thinking. All of our cats have been kittens that we got (years ago), abandoned kittens 16-18 yrs ago, and Kermit (10yrs ago) was born in our house. So each cat had the advantage of seeing a kitten and watching it grow...Never a problem of biting or scratching except if we crossed over the line some way.

Then we took in a stray female who was about a year took time for her to adjust and we just let things get worked out. But, she had her episodes of being nice and then a bite or scratch. then she had an intestinal problem that required a vet to 'unblock' her with enemas.....After that her tail area was a no touch there thing....but with time any biting or scratching stopped. In play she might revert but it was more to warn..."ok, I'm done now" or "you're getting rough" We have had her about a year now and we let her decide what she wants as far as affection and that has dramatically increased as she trusts us more...But again, she decides.

But I think most of all, she just needed her time and had to decide the trust issue herself. She did pick our house to hang around. We doubt she would have survived the winter on her own so we were going to foster her but called the rescue place and said..."she has a home now."
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