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So, a while back a tiny baby field mouse found it's way into my house. (I live on the edge of the Sonoran Desert.) Roxi found it first. Then Carlos and Sriracha showed up to investigate. None tried to injure or even scare the little guy in any way. They were so gentle and curious. They all touched the mouse with their paws with NO claws. Sniffed and cuddled with him/her. No batting it around like most of their toys. I saw a side of my cats that I truly wasn't prepared for. Animal to animal kindness.

Soooo, I'm considering getting a small furry critter to introduce as a cat friend/cat family member. I've seen firsthand just how kind and gentle all three cats can be. I don't see introducing a different species as a playmate for them being an issue. I should have kept the baby mouse but took him outside and released him. I swear he just sat there looking at me for 2-3 minutes before slowly walking off. I sincerely hope he found his/her mother and not a stray cat or rattlesnake that would eat him.

I raised rats years ago and considered one for the cats. Rats make awesome pets, but rats have weak bladders and pee everywhere! Not good for free roaming in the house. I've never had a Guinea pig. I wonder how it would do. Hedgehogs are cute but likely very expensive and possibly illegal in Arizona. We have a ton of chipmunk/ground squirrels around here. Maybe I can catch a baby for the cats to raise. We have so many desert critters that if I tried hard enough, I could likely find a Coyote pup to raise with them. Probably not a good idea though. LOL.

I would NEVER consider introducing an animal that I thought my cats would harm or would harm them. They have pretty much every cat toy that Amazon sells. Seeing how they seemingly adored that tiny mouse makes me want to get them a new live playtime buddy other than another cat or dog. Heck, they even get along great with dogs!

I'm curious to hear what other non-feline critters folks have raised with their cats with no injury issues as I fully expect from my cats. I really want another Cockatiel, but birds may push the cats into another level. Probably not good.

Hoping for many suggestions. I trust my cats and if they show any hostility, I'll remove the new critter and keep it as a personal pet. I spoil all of my critters. Can't wait to spoil yet another.
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