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Here's my 3rd newbie post.

I have this cat, Seamus, who is 3 years old and was found outside as a kitten. After socializing him, he became a friendly and frisky member of my family (myself and my other cat Mischief). In September he got suddenly ill and a blood test revealed he had anemia, his red blood cell count was 11. He also had a heart murmur. I was sure he was going to pass since he didn't eat or drink for nearly a week. After that and an aggressive dose of prednisdone, he recovered and appeared stronger than ever. Subsequent blood tests showed his rbc levels normal and he gained all the weight he'd lost.

Then this past Tuesday I noticed he was breathing oddly and I took him to the vet. She did an x-ray and said there was fluid around his lungs. The vet removed the fluid, prescribed a diuretic, and while noting his gums looked a bit pale, she didn't test his blood. Thursday I took him back to the vet because he wasn't drinking water and I was concerned about the diuretic causing dehydration. My regular vet (the one who treated him in Sept) did a blood test and said his rbc level was down to 17. He said I should re-start the prednisone in addition to prescribing Enalapril and an appetite stimulant (and keep taking diuretic).

So my little Seamus has taken to hiding in the bathroom, is still not noticeably eating or drinking and I'm afraid that even if he recovers that he will crash again in another few months. He cries when I visit with him, but lays his head in my hand and purrs like he used to do when we went to bed. My heart is breaking for him and I don't know much more either one of us can take.

Any words of wisdom or advice?
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