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I started a post last week regarding my cats vomiting. It is still happening, and I have taken him to a vet twice. The first time they put him on Hill's C/D, the second time the vet prescribed Reglan (which has made my cat's behavior a little weird). Unfortunately he is still vomiting.

I noticed that my cat is not chewing his food like he normally does. I do not sense any pain, but he picks up individual pieces of food, and bites on it excessively...... I would say 10 bites PER bit of food...he almost looks like he is trying to work the food around his mouth and really really chew on it before he swallows. Is this just an unique cat behavior? Or is this a sign of something more serious?

Also, he is leaving a lot of food on the floor, that he REFUSES to eat no matter what.... I am wondering if he hates the food and is actually gagging when he eats.....

Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm worried my cat might have megaesophagus.
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