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About 2 years ago one of our kitties ate a long piece of string - about 3 feet probably. It was our fault for leaving it laying around and I know better, but at least we realized it right away. I called the vet, and she was extremely concerned about getting the cat to vomit the string ASAP. We didn't have any ipicac, so the vet told us to pour 1 tsp (I think) of hydrogen peroxide down her throat. She didn't want us to take the time to go to the drugstore for ipicac or to take the cat to her office. It worked immediately, the string came up, and all was well.

The other day one of my professors off-handedly made a comment about not injesting hydrogen peroxide because it damages the delicate tissues in the GI tract. I felt like crying - did I possibly do permanent damage to my cat? I really respect our vet, but I'm wondering if she gave us the right advice?

I know the string was an emergency issue, and I'm hoping that any short-term damage caused by the peroxide is just that - short-term. Has anyone else heard about this method of inducing vomiting and/or know how safe it is?

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