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catlover_2004 said:

More info can be found at that link. I guess he died of Pulmonary and Respitory complications. :( Don Knotts was one of my favorite actors. He was one of my favorites in Three's Company.
I just heard about Don Knotts' passing about an hour ago and it's really sad. He was one of my favorites on Three's Company as well. I always used to get a kick out of the crazy 'surprise' looks he had on his face and the hyper kind of way he was always running around. A few years ago I got to see him in a standup act along with Tim Conway. He still had the knack for making people laugh then.

Let's not forget - his crazy Barney Fife character on The Andy Griffith Show. I'm too young to have seen that show live on TV but I saw plenty of reruns thanks to Nick At Nite and a couple other stations that picked it up in syndication.

Don Knotts made his living at making people laugh but he also seemed like such a sweet, gentle man. He'll really be missed. :cry:

EDITED TO ADD: I just remembered about his movie with Tim Conway - "The Apple Dumpling Gang." Cute funny movie!
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