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Hey guys, as per the rules, I'm posting in the forum for introductions until my membership is activated fully.

My fiance and I owned an 8 year old mix between a Maine **** and a domestic short hair. Last Tuesday we adopted was I suspect is another Maine ****, though he is a shelter cat so I'm not sure.

He was confined to a safe room for the first few days before we started introductions, and everything has been just fine. The original cat, a female names Kira, is not overly aggressive, she seems mostly apathetic. The problem I have is that the new cat, Simba, is only about two years old and still very lonely and needy for attention.

Kira puts up with him for several hours, but eventually she gets tired of having a younger cat harassing her for attention. She hasn't stopped using the litter box or stopped eating, but she seems to have a three foot rule with him. She tolerates him quite nicely, but hisses if he comes too close. This isn't such a problem, except that because he is young he cries and whines because he doesn't understand why she won't let him near.

What's the best solution? I'm not sure if I need to help her settle down and let him in, or calm him down and make him realize he will have to be patient and give her space. And most importantly, I'm not sure how to do either.
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