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My cat, Buzzy, and I have lived with a few other kitties in our time (belonging to roommates), but we now live on our own. Buzzy is always a bit...impossible...when we live alone. So, we're looking to add a second kitty to our family.

The question for me is...well, selecting a new kitty. First, is it a better idea to get a kitten or an adult cat? Buzzy is almost 5 years old and, while he DEFINITELY is still quite playful and active, he is also definitely not a kitten. My first instinct was to get an adult cat, may be 2-3 years old, since that would put them in roughly the same age category. But maybe I'm wrong...would it be easier for a kitten to adjust?

Secondly, is it generally better to get an opposite sex second cat or a same sex second cat? In my experience, Buzzy SEEMS to get along best with female cats (he is a neutered male). So I was thinking female?

Thirdly, how do you go about finding a cat that you think will mesh personality-wise? Buzzy is NOT picky about who he shares his home with - we've lived with unfriendly cats, kittens (an unneutered male kitten to be exact), and a shy declawed little girl cat (roommate's - I don't declaw), and even dogs. He seemed to get along best with the more shy girl cat (he is an in-your-face, runs to the door to greet strangers-type cat). Should I aim for a cat with a similar personality...or is his past history even an indicator of what type of cat to get?

Thanks guys - I know it's a lot! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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