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Adopted new cat, probably pregnant, not potty trained yet...

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Hi there!

Me and my girlfriend just adopted a cat left behind by neighbours who recently moved out. The cat is outside -a lot-, and we don't blame her (nice weather, pond outside with lots of little critters to hunt etc)

Well now, my girlfriend and I have the impression she's pregnant. It's hard to tell by her behaviour (since we're both cat-newbies and we don't know how the cat behaved before), but she's grown awfully fat (while not eating more than usual -- at least not from the foodbowl we give her), and when my girlfriend was rubbing her belly once, milk came out of her nipples. When she's inside she loves to be petted, and when we're not petting her, she's rubbing against furniture with her head. It could also be possible that she's fake-pregnant, because in the last two months or so she's been hanging out with a racoon who has been very friendly with her. How to tell if your cat is pregnant? Is there a way, or is the Vet the only one who really can tell?

Secondly, we want to potty train her, since we enjoy the company of the cat in our house, and to keep the garden cat-poo free. How to do such a thing?

Thanks for your advice!

Rogier & Teka, Florida
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