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I can't adopt any more cats right now, but I really want to in the future once I get a house...

Buzzy is picky about other cats. He played very roughly (almost scary) w/ a former roommate's young, unneutered male kitten...
He became best friends w/ another former roommate's very shy female cat...

Buzzy is the kind of cat who NEEDS other animals (and people) around. He seems content right now with it being him and Brady (the dog). I don't want to disrupt his world. Buzzy is and will always be FIRST in my little "pack."

So my question is, which of the following scenarios sounds in the best interest of my kitty:

1.) Adopt an adult female cat near Buzzy's age with a similar temperment to the cat he was friends with before (shy, quiet)...and obviously known to be good w/ other cats.

2.) Adopt a female kitten with a similar temperment to Buzzy (outgoing, playful)

3.) Allow Buzzy to finish out his life as the only cat in the home and wait to adopt two cats together later down the road.

Another thing to add: we actually plan on adding a second dog at some point too. Our pet goal (and LIMIT!) is 2 cats 2 dogs.
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