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I agree with the above. Don't give up on him. your home is way different then what he is used to. Give him a safe room for now. Your bedroom or a bathroom would be good. Preferably a room you can hang out in for periods of time. then carry in a laptop if you have one, a book, some sewing .. whatever. Sit on the floor or lounge on the bed, ect. talk out loud about what you are doing or about your day it doesn't matter, just use a soothing to normal voice for him to get used too. Be free with praise and keep a few snacks handy. If he is used to noise get him a radio or small TV. you can also try Feliway to help calm his stress.

When he starts showing interest in you leaving and checking out the door let him explore a bit, it may take awhile. Truthfully it could be a couple of days to a couple of months. Just go at his comfort level. When he gets used to you hanging out with him, he will most likely want to go where you go in the rest of your home.

I wish you plenty of luck, and happiness. A senior cat has plenty of love to give.

BTW welcome to the Forums and we would love to see pics
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