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Adult Cat Will Eat Only Kitten Food

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We got a new kitten last week and a few days before we got him we changed our resident cat's food and put her on "Science Diet Senior: 7 plus" because she is 7 now. She seemed to eat it for the few days before we got Psi but now she doesn't want anything to do with it and will only eat his kitten food. Since I was concerned about her being nervous due to the new kitten, I just let her eat it in order to be sure she was eating *something*. Is it okay to let an adult cat eat kitten food? The kitten also seems to like the adult cat's bowl better than his but since both have kitten food in their bowls now, the kitten won't be eating any adult food. Maybe Samhain is just mad that we got her senior food!!

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Do you always have food available to your older cat? Because if you always leave dry cat food out the cat may be eating too much and then throwing it up. That can happen with dry food. So maybe that is why your cat is prone to getting sick to its stomach. Maybe limiting her food intake to 3 times a day would cure that. It is worth a shot if the cat gets sick anyways.
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