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I took in 2 seniors back in September. One(Clyde) didn't take the move well at all. He was 10 years old. I took him to the vet shortly after because he had a horrible hairloss which was thought to be caused by stress, but the vet said it was fleas. No one wants an animal with fleas! So we treated the fleas(on 4 cats altogether and 1 dog, 2 ferrets.. very expensive). Anyway, the hairloss grew very, very slowly over several months. It never did grow all the way back. Anyway, Clyde was PTS a month ago because he went paralysed and then was very quickly dieing.

He came with another senior though, Cheyenne. She's 13 years old and a sweetheart. She IS up for adoption since I got her, but I have still been unable to place her.

Both cats didn't get along with new pets. Cheyenne could get along with kittens, but Clyde hated everything. They were quite scared at first, but came out of the move and new home quickly.

Before you even consider placing your seniors, PLEASE take them to a vet for a health check so that way the new home won't have to deal with a sudden death. I find it quite cruel if you place(or put to sleep) your eldest cat JUST because of it's age. No one will adopt her. Someone(you, your mom or your dad) must take her with you. It's not really fair to end a life because you just don't want to take her with you.

It's not really that hard to find an apartment that allows animals. I'd know, I'm moving this week and I had PLENTY of choices.
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