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I have a 6 month old kitten who we found wandering in our garden.

She is a tabby and has a very nice little face.

She has the best temperament. My 3yr old brother carries her everywhere and she doesn't care!

I'd like to have a litter of kittens with her. What age is best to breed?
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I know I"m not the one that asked for breeding advice but its quite coincidental because I was going to ask a few days ago but I haven't been home much and I was afraid everyone would get mad at me. I know a lot of people just don't like the idea of breeding cats or even a lot of people don't like dogs because of the vast amounts of cats and dogs in pounds getting put to sleep. I also know how everyone says that "I just want one little how much more trouble is 4 or 5 kittens?" and everyone always sends messages back saying they are a lot of work etc. Well recently, almost three weeks ago, I got this beautiful kitten. I got her of course because I wanted a kitten and a pet/friend/companion. Although, a few weeks after I got her I loved her and everything. She's a great kitten and she has great markings. She's just one of the best kittens I've ever seen/had. She doesn't scratch anything, she doesn't bite or scratch people. She sleeps by me. She even follows me around a lot of times and well, she's just a great kitten so thats probably why I considered it. But I wanted to thank Bengals for her post because it helped me think about it more. I've been reading as much as I could find online for the last few days but didn't come up with anything extrodinarily great.

One day I thought I might want to breed her when she gets older. I know that the best time for them is after they are at least a year old. I love animals to death and I've bred several types of animals in the past. (hamsters,gerbils,mice,fish,even a few birds) and was lucky and didn't have much problem. Although when I talked to my mom about it she didn't want me doing it in her house because she mentioned all of the things that you mentioned (I'm only 17 but much differen't from the majority of people my agé). She said they are very messy and stinky and it costs a lot to feed and care for all the kittens and the mom etc etc. I didn't believe her so I was looking online. I haven't found a lot of information but after hearing someone else say how much goes into it, I will definatly read up a whole lot about it before I even think about it anymore. So I wanted to thank Bengals for the time she took to post that information and how nice she came across. I really appriciate it. I know you were trying to help the person that asked the question but maybe you helped two people at the same time. :) Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your help.
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Yeah, thank you both. (Bengals and Tiber) I really appriciate it. I know its the right/proper thing to do is spay/neuter animals. I just have always wanted to raise kitttens, for as long as I can remember. Although my mother always told me no and made sure she inforced all the responsibilty/messes/time etc that it takes. Go figure huh? lol. I know that with females its said the non-spayed females are as much as 50% or more times likely to get uterine cancer. That worries me. I'm also one of those people a lot of people get angry with because how weird I am about nothing hurting animals. I know that they are out and under during surgery and its probably not a whole lot of pain afterwards for very long and they forgive and forget but I've seen pictures of what supposedly happens when they get fixed and it made me go :shock: . I'll be sure to read and read and read and do even more reading before I make any further decisions. Right now I'm at the stage to which its best to live with the guilt of putting her through surgery/pain or to risk her getting cancer. I'll deal with if I ever want to breed her later. One step at a time is the best way afterall. I guess you would just have to understand how I am. I don't even like getting them shots. I turn my head, plug my ears, or I just leave the room. But I know that they need the shots for health etc. The few cat(s) we had in the past were all older cats and already neutered or spayed so I never had to worry about it. But yeah I thank you again for your time/patience/advice. You guys are great!

- Randy & Kali

P.s - I'm hoping to get Kali into the vet in the next few days for her kitten shots/check up. She just turned 11 weeks old Tuesday I think. It took me awhile to find a vet I would be comfertable with. Anyway I guess I'll keep you posted. :)
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