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I have a 6 month old kitten who we found wandering in our garden.

She is a tabby and has a very nice little face.

She has the best temperament. My 3yr old brother carries her everywhere and she doesn't care!

I'd like to have a litter of kittens with her. What age is best to breed?
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hey here's anm idea... why dont you go to your local animal shelter and see if they have foster plans! Where you can take home a prgnant mother and raise the kittens with her until they are ready to be adopted. This either works that you keep them at your home and they advertise them at the shelter OR you take them back to the shelter when they are older. This is a wonderful program because you get to experiance having a litter of kittens around and you arent adding any animals to the already over populated world!! These kittens are concieved and are coming and need a safe home to be raised in! Also this way your friends will see them (JUST like they would see your cats kittens) and maybe fall in love iwth them and want to adopt them! SO its good advertsing for the shelter!
I worked at the SPCA for too many years and I had to euthanize WAY TOO MANY KITTENS that i know the importance of spaying and neutering! When people breed pedegrie cats the ones to buy them are people who really want this breed and for whatever reasons are going to spend the big bucks to get exaclty the cat they want and probably wouldnt be going into a shelter anyways.. that is how i can justify breeding ( I realize a lot of people on here are breeders and hey im not down talkin pedegrie breeding at all, although I'm proabably spelling pedegrie wrong..) ... but people who are going to get your run of the mill shorthaird cat.... and who WOULD have gone to the shelter and get one of these kittens that you have made ... well thats one more kitten that has to be put down. I always thougt it would be fun to have kittens with my cats but it makes you understand where to lay your priorities and what makes you realize spaying and neutering is the way to go is when you have to be the one who has to take a happy healthy kitten from its cage and hold it and you CANT explain to it why you have to take it to the back room and you have to kill it. IT is somthing I wish didnt have to happen but because people dont 'fix' their animals we had to destroy these babies. Very very sad thing to have to do. It makes me cry now just remebering.
IM sorry for being depressing and graphic.. but thats the real world! There is WAY WAY WAY too many kittens born into our world and the less kittens we bring into the world the less suffering there is going to be.
I know no one can mnake up your mind for you but i would reccomned to ANYONE who just wants to let their cat get pregnant... EVEN if you have homes lined up..... send them to a shelter and have there homes filled with these already existing animals! the adoption fees ARE TOTALLY worth it! :D So thats my advice... I have 8 animals all from shelter and recue assosiations and I would recomend adoption from theses place SOO much. These animals are SO full of love and when you spay and neuter you know you are ending the cycle in these animals cases ... animals who were only born because their owners didnt spay (or in one case was from a race track...)
Anyways... seriously... look into the foster parent program! Its lots of fun plus you know you are doing a very good deed and helping animals in need!
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