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Advice on spaying

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Juliette is almost 6 months old and she is getting spayed this Friday. I've read about aftercare and all, but one thing that worries me is that I'll have to leave her home alone on Saturday night for about 3-4 hours. Will she be ok or should I get someone to babysit her? She is an active cat without any health problems. Although I understand this does not guarantee that she will be recovering without a problem...

I am so nervous about the spaying, can't believe she has to go through all this :(
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As long as she is leaving the sutures alone and not running around like a crazy woman she will probably be ok on her own for a few hours, but that is something you will be able to better judge after the surgery. Don't worry! This is something all responsible kitties have to go through, she will most likely bounce right back. If you are still worried, get someone to watch her while you are gone just for peace of mind.
I'm sure that she'll come through her surgery and recovery with no problems at all! Do you have a small room you can put her in while you are gone along with a litter box, some water and something comfy for her to sleep on? Then you'll know she won't be zooming around your house possibley ripping her stitches out.
Minnie was spayed 2 days before Christmas. It took a while for her to come out of the anesthesia but once she did it was like nothing happened. I tried to confine her and she jumped over the gate to the basement! She would NOT wear the cone and we even made her a shirt but she went CRAZY doing flips untill that came off too! She did pull out a stitch or two before the 10 day wait to have them removes but it healed really fast and there was no problems.
Just make sure she is warm enough...they shave off the fur on the tummy. my ex-roomate had a very small (and somewhat expensive) siamese (that she was hiding from me and the landlord as we weren't supposed to have pets) that she had spayed, then left it in her room for the weekend with the window open. Well it got very cold at night and the cat started crying like no ones business, so thats when I found out about it. i opened her room and it was sooo cold due to the open window, so i took the kitty into my room where she proceeded to get into everything. At least she was warm and happy. She should have never gotten that cat as she couldn't look after it properly. She ended up giving it away. Wish i could have taken it, she was a really cool cat and could jump incredibly high for such a little kitty. She never got much over 5 lbs.
thank you all for your comments!
Do you have a small room you can put her in while you are gone along with a litter box, some water and something comfy for her to sleep on?.
It's been a long time since I got a cat that old desexed,but she should bounce back fairly quickly, with my kittens I do as above. Keep them in a 'boring' room as they come home full of beans and I don't want them jumping or climbing at first.
Juliette finds ways to entertain herself even in small spaces haha but I'll try that :)
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