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Advice wanted on how to maintain relationship with cats after moving

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I have been living in the same small apartment complex for 20 years, yet I cannot remember when I first met One Eyed Jack, who seems to have always been here.
I have been feeding and caring for One Eyed Jack for about eight years.

We really began bonding In February of 2009 when I cancelled work to bring Jack to the vet upon discovering someone soaked him in motor oil.

I had him neutered as well.

Jack has since relied upon me for food and love. He has always been an outdoor cat, but I bring him indoors illegally on occasion , since I am not allowed indoor pets. Actually he just walks in whenever he feels like it.

Jack spends half his life outside near my door resting, and has not left my vicinity in years.

Jack also adopted a young female kitten a year ago, so I am now taking care of two cats.

Unfortunately, I have over stayed my welcome here.

Due to parking problems, poor neighbors, and poor ownership, I will soon need to leave this apartment.

Nevertheless, I want to find a way to maintain my care and love for Jack.

I can think of only three options, and I am not happy with any of them so I am here to find other alternatives.

The option are as follows.

1. Bring Jack wih me and let him adopt to a new outdoor environment.

I feel this is the worse option. Jack has escaped the wrath of the vehicle tire all these years because we are about 10 yards from a cul-de-sac and therefore cars move slow enough to stop for him. I have cringed on quite a few occasions as cars honk at him while he is in the street.

Jack would not survive too long outdoors elsewhere.

2. Find a new apartment that allows indoor cats.

I don't like this option because Jack spends 95% of his time outdoors, and rarely wants to stay in more than a couple hours. I doubt he would ever be happy becoming a full time indoor cat.
I am also gone about 60-70% of the time.
I am on a budget, so finding a place to rent that allows pets that is reasonably priced might be difficult. My current apartment is dirt cheap.

3. I make sure that I move within a couple miles of my current apartment so that I can come feed Jack everyday and pet him on my old doorstep.

My neighbor is a secondary caretaker for Jack. He feeds jack about five times a week, but never lets Jack in because his mother ostensibly has allergies. I feed Jack 15-20 times a week.

If I move, I am confident he will play a larger role in caring for Jack, but he will never be as good a friend as me.

I welcome other options I have not considered. Thanks.
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