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Hello fellow cat admirers and happy holidays,

A couple of nights ago, my cat started to have sneezing fits. I was concerned that she was coming down with a respiratory infection but there was no discharge from her nose. She was eating and drinking fine and playing with her toy mouse and feline fun tunnel. She certainly wasn't acting like a sick cat.

The sneezing passed and I didn't hear anything for most of yesterday. Then last night she sneezed a few times. It wasn't as bad as Friday night but it was enough for me to think that there may be something environmental causing it.

Again, today, she's fine. No sneezing and she's currently darting all over the place full of energy.

I live out in the country. My house is surrounded by vineyards and there are all kinds of chemicals out in the fields plus my neighbor loves to garden so the property is lush with plant life. I've had allergy issues since I moved here and I think my baby is having them too. I've had her for almost a year and she's a little over a year and a half old.

I decided to invest in an air purifier. I have absolutely no experience with one and I'm wondering if anyone here has ever used it to help combat their cat's allergies and what kind of results they got.

The one i got wasn't cheap. It's the Rabbit Air BioGS w/ a HEPA filter. I figure it's worth the investment if it can help my baby with her sneezing fits and, of course, it will help me deal w/ my allergies which is a bonus.

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