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Alice (now a year and 6 months old) and Copernicus (I don't know how old he is, maybe 12 weeks, maybe 16 or 18 weeks) taking over our sinks.

The story behind Copernicus:
I was out of town, being glorified babysitter for my sister-in-law while the parent-in-laws were on a week long cruise, and the Monday after I got there (I left on the 27th), my husband called me up on the phone.
Since we have iPhones, he used FaceTime, and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of me by saying "I don't know what I've gotten myself into...", then panned down to show me a raggedy little kitten.
Apparently, the kitten was outside (we are in Miami) wandering around. Incredibly friendly, he kept approaching people for attention. He walked up to my husband, and the first time, my husband ignored it. The second time, however, my husband noticed the kitten was shivering (it was 60 degrees and dropping, which is COLD for Miami), took pity on the critter, and brought him inside. I was told his fur had a waxy, dirty feel to it, which meant he had to have been outside or in poor condition for a while. This was the weekend Sandy blew past. The two days before I left had been torrential downpour, and it breaks my heart to know that MiniMow (Coppy's nickname) could have been in that.
I got home the Sunday after MiniMow had been brought inside, and met him for the first time. He is incredibly loving and passes out on my chest on a constant basis now.
I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and it's become a feat to get pregnant, so most nights, I end up in my recliner in the other room, and I usually bring MiniMow with me, and he will conk out on my chest while I am working on getting comfortable.

I'm excited to get back into this forum, and excited to show you all the adorable pictures I've been getting of the kitties and my baby bump!
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