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All In One Collar Tag

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Probably asking too much, but I’m looking for a collar tag that has it all:
  • QR Code & App w/ Cat Info (name, address, contact, vet, etc), gps tracking, return/found alert, exterior boundary control
  • serves as a key fob to open exterior access car door (and I guess I’ll need a auto-cat door linked to the fob too, unless there’s a universal programmable model)
  • attractive, durable and can be engraved with name and phone/address (for immediate info in addition to QR Code

The only reasonable solution I’ve come up with so far
+ engraved tag - ETSY Personalized Gold Pet Tag Round Custom Engraved ID Tag for - Etsy

+ Max & Molly Gotcha Smart ID Tag - Amazon

+ PetSafe Microchip Cat Door - Amazon

That’s a lot of hardware on my sweet boy. In the age of tech, it doesn’t seem too far fetched to have it all in a single piece of collar jewelry.
Any suggestions, product referrals?

- Kevin & Kashmir
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