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all natural pet food

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i don't think this goes in health and nutrition so i'm just putting it here. i don't know why i never thought of it before, but i started wondering yesterday if there is a natural pet food manufacturer in boulder. i don't think there is (yet) but i did find a funny story from the boulder camera:

Boulder-area pet bowls filling up with natural food - Boulder Daily Camera

it's a good article, so i looked at what the store has to offer. thirty years ago, there were so many old hippies in boulder that it's kind of a central point for you know, hippie things . . . organic, granola, whatever. but in the late 90's, it really changed. all the old hippies, or a lot of them, are still there but there's a new demographic that buys anything and everything, so boulder gets a bad rap for nuts. and there are some, i mean no one with any sense would try to make their dog a vegan or their cat a vegetarian. since i've been one over 35 years, i understand the philosophy BUT i also understand the biology. it's impossible to make a cat vegetarian, and you can do it with a dog but it takes a ton of work and i hardly think it's worth it.

but reading the comments, i was amused. why do people always bring up the homeless and the starving people in the U.S. as if they are personally doing anything about it? i donate food to homeless shelters on a regular basis. mostly stuff that kids like to eat like peanut butter and oreos and spaghettios--i know that's junk but is there anyone here who doesn't like to eat crap occasionally? cheetos, pizza, ben & jerry's lol. no, it's a really bad idea to try to live on it but i think it probably makes some of the kids happy, especially if they're homeless. they need something to give them a little joy.

so if i want to feed my cats natural, grain-free expensive cat food, i'm going to and i refuse to feel guilty about it. when the day comes that those people deriding the practice of taking good care of one's pets start adopting children/people from the appalachians or uganda and start feeding them in their own homes, day in and day out, then i'll allow them to try to play on my guilt. until then, it's just more hot air.

as far as the dress? um . . . LOL. hey, it's her dog. i wouldn't do it but i don't think the dog is suffering.

the merchandise is pretty over-priced. i buy the same thing at for considerably less, so . . . if it were next door, i don't know. nah, i'd probably still buy where i get the best price. :)

i'm just waiting for someone to open a factory in nederland or louisville or some place like that. i'd definitely pay a little more for it then because i'd know pretty much what was going into it, and i could visit the factory if i felt like it.
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I think it is great that you want what is best for your animal. And knowing what is in their food just shows your commitment.
lol. everyone wants what is best for their pets, don't they?

i've just always been a fanatic about what i eat, but definitely never gave quite as much thought to what i feed my cats. it just makes sense to me (now that i think about it haha) to feed species-appropriate meals. i'm not talking about "it's better because it's more expensive" (trust me, if it were much less expensive i wouldn't be mad :)) but if too much red meat, smoking (okay don't have to worry about with the cats), alcohol, sugar and trans fats affect human beings in the forms of cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it also affects pets.
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