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Howdy fellow cat lovers!

I'm Jordan, and I'm a caddict. I wasn't always this way...growing up I was a general animal lover and thought I was a "dog person". Little did I know what I was missing out on... After raising a few kittens with an ex and her family, the wonder that is teh kittez became apparent to me. In the last few years I've had 4 cats of my own, sadly only one remains in my life. (My ex highjacked the first two when we split up)

My first was an all black domestic shorthair that I named Boobalina.
Second was a tuxedo maine **** named Malak.
Third was Minerva, my devon rex and the love of my life.
Last was Garfgarion, an orange shorthair who passed away after less then 4 months of life (and buku $$$s in medical bills) :(

Anyways, heres a few pix of Minerva. She swears that she is a little people and cuddles like a living stuffed animal. I didn't think animals, esp kitties could act like that... She literally will not move the entire night if I'm holding her. She truly is too cute for life. I cant even play with her if ive been drinking because I'm scared I'll just SQUEEEEZZZEEEE her too hard. haha.

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