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Human Persons:

Steve (S of SnJ): I love music to no end. I play guitar and sing a little. I love anything dealing with the mind. I wish I could read more, but my attention span and reading speed hinder me to no end! I do well with books on CD, but I am always doing research or reading/watching the news. I also love Pittsburgh pro sports teams (Steelers, Pens, Pirates). I am a Table Games Dealer @ the Rivers Casino, and I really like my job.

Jaime (J of SnJ): Jaime loves music and Pittsburgh sports as well. She also loves reading and dedicating her life to the fields of human trafficking, human security, and international development. She has a master's degree in International Development with a focus on Human Security from Pitt's Graduate School of Public & Int'l Affairs. She is about to start a job as a case manager for placing refugees with housing and work.

We're a happily-married (Oct 31, 2009), 30-yr-old couple and plan/hope to have human children within the next few years (one natural, one adopted)! We met in elementary school, but were basically acquaintances who hung out a few times over the years… until 5 years ago when we decided to hang out a few times. And here we are! We own a beautiful home built in 1897, in the Etna neighborhood of Pittsburgh, with which we plan to do A LOT more green remodeling over the next decade. Our philosophy is that if a product isn't nontoxic and green by means of embodied energy, manufacturing processes, chemical makeup, etc, then we don't need it. If it isn't recycled, natural, or environmentally-benign, then we avoid it at all costs unless there is no alternative. We also buy as much locally-produced, fair trade, and organic products as available. We do everything that we can practically afford to do to benefit the health of our 12 cats, the environment, and ourselves. We don't personally eat meat (we're animal lovers through and through!), but we don't judge those who do. Our goal is to become 100% petroleum- & coal-free and 100% dependent on only local (or at least domestic or fair trade), organic foods & apparel within a decade. There basically isn't a facet of the sustainability culture with which we are not involved! We are two of the most easygoing, nonjudgmental people that you could ever meet, and our personalities shine through to our feline children!

Cat Persons (12 of our very best friends in the world!):

We are the proud parents of 12 amazingly unique and unbelievably well-behaved, sweet, precious cats who get fed like royalty! We feed our cats mostly wet food, all-natural, organic-when-possible diets. Once we can afford to buy/prepare them ONLY wet/dehydrated, fortified, local, organic foods, then that is what they will get! All but one is a rescue, and 2 are from North Carolina. We had people who were on vacation pick them up from an at-capacity shelter after the most recent hurricane to hit down there. Here they are:

Bubastis (aka Boo, Booey, etc): Jaime's original cat; named after the cat in The Watchmen and the ancient Egyptian cat goddess; she is 9 and dislikes most other cats (she keeps to herself).

Timmy (aka Tim Berlin, Tim the Tim man Tim, Timimmle, etc): found feral, without hair in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh 5 years ago; he had been trapped, neutered, and returned. He loves all cats and people (and food and cuddly sleep). Mild-tempered, passive Alpha male (it's true). He's 8 and our only overweight cat -- he has issues with nicely stealing food.

Cliff (aka Cliffiffle): found in Etna neighborhood outside our home; he loves everyone, and everyone loves him! He's 2-3.

Grady (aka Great Gray Grady Guy, Gradiddle, Grade-gradiddle-hopper, etc): he is also an Alpha male, but is not as mild-tempered. He and Tim like to swat at each other, but they don't hate each other. Grady is very loving to all cats and humans; looks to have some Russian Blue in him; he's about 4-ish.

Dusty (aka Dustman, Dustpan, Dust, Gumma, etc): our lone orange cat; from North Carolina; he loves all cats and humans and LOVES strings and lasers and playing. He's about 2.

Blizzard (aka Blizz, Blizzizzle, Blizzmoto, Moto, B-Man): one of two all-white cats; from North Carolina; he has a food allergy or something going on -- been to the vet A LOT. He has to wear a lamp-shade-type-thing a lot because he tears himself apart a good bit; chronic single ear infection; he loves all cats and humans and loves to explore and knock stuff off of tables and whatever else he can get onto!

Nut (aka Nutella, Nutty Bo Peep): very mild-mannered; doesn't eat much, as she is a midget cat who weighs a full 7lbs at full size; she is extremely fast and looks like she has Egyptian Mau in her. She has a rare disease and will need to have all her teeth removed when we can afford it. She came from the bushes across the busy street! She's about 2 or 3.

Peabody (aka Pea, Pa-diddle, etc): our youngest cat; also all white; one of two long-haired cats; he puts his tail up in the air like a skunk when he's happy! Pea loves all cats, but is wary of strange humans. He's still less than a year old and is learning, so he's a bit of scaredy-cat yet. He's come a long way. When we found him outside he could fit in the palm of your hand. Nut was his caretaker, and they lived in the bushes across the street.

Doc (aka Doccy Poo-Poo, etc): our most recent male cat addition; we fed this guy outside our home in Etna for a long time before one day I was able to creep up behind him and force him into a carrier. He hated me for it, but that only lasted a couple hours. He is the biggest sweetheart you could ever imagine! He loves all cats and people! He's probably 1-3 years of age.

Sunny (aka SunBun, etc): we fed her for at least a year outside our home in Etna before being able to get her. She is very inquisitive and loving. She loves all cats and humans and is about 3-5 years of age.

Sara (aka Chickie, Sare-Bear, etc): she came to us via craigslist. She is 8-9 years of age and had been urinating on her owner's belongings. She doesn't like most cats, but we managed to get her to stop urinating, to accept other cats' presences, and to become a much more loving and adorable cat. When she came to us she was urinating everywhere and attacking every living thing with no regard. Now she licks me and talks to me every time I see her!

Fluffy (aka Fluff): our other long-haired cat; could be 3-7 years old; she loves all cats and humans; she is the female version of Tim: very mild-mannered, but LOVES to nicely steal food. She would love to become very overweight, but we will do everything we can to not let that happen!

We lost our 14-yr old Sox Man last summer from chronic FIV-related illness. He was one of the sweetest, most lovable cats EVER. He was polydactyl and was blind in one eye. We all miss him very, very much, as he was one of our very best friends. If you would like to see pictures, let me know!

Our cats reflect ourselves in many ways. They all get along with everyone and each other, and they stay out of trouble for the most part! We are at our maximum capacity for cats, so if any others show up in the area we will be finding them homes! If anyone is from the Pittsburgh area and would accept a cat if we found another one (or if you would like to adopt one of our more recent cats - Sara, Sunny, Fluff & Doc), let me know! Hope this intro wasn't too long! I certainly didn't intend it to be!! :) Hello all!
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