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I'm sorry that I haven't posted this sooner. I also started my summer job a few days ago so I've been incredibly busy.

For those of you who don't know the story. I adopted Althaea on Sat 5/22. She became sick by the end of the week. I brought her to the ER with a temp of 106 that Friday night. Her white cell count was incredibly low so panleukopenia virus (parvo virus) was suspected with a secondary upper respiratory infection. She stayed there until Wednesday night. Her whte cell count was back up by Tuesday. But she had some other blood chem values out of whack. She was soo depressed there.

So Wednesday night Althaea came home. The vet wasn't totally convinced that she should go home yet but because I'm a student there, he was ok with it. Being a poor vet student, I can only afford to have her syringe fed by others for so long :( There wasn't a lot they could do for her there that I couldn't do for her at home.

So I picked her up Wednesday night. I was syringe feeding her A/D and water since he forgot to give me subQ fluids. I brought her to work with me on Thursday where she was zonked out all day. I picked up some SubQ fluids on my way home since she wasn't eating or drinking on her own yet.
BUT when we got home that night and I gave her her evening syringe feeding, she started verociously attacking the syringe for more food!!! I was sooo excited!!! By last night (Friday nght) she was eating watery A/D all by herself! She is starting to look more like a kitten!!! I have never been more excited in my life. She is skin and bones. I was really worried that I was going to lose her.
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