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Fubuki (almost 4-year-old male orange tabby), and a bunch of other friendly felines
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I have loved the friendly felines since I was pretty much born. In my childhood, I had 3 cats, and currently have 6 other cats. Only one of them is actually one I 100% own though, and his name is Fubuki. (he's not in the profile picture I just looked up a generic picture of an orange cat) He is my best friend; an almost 4-year-old orange tabby.

In the early-mid 2000's, my mom and dad had two outdoor cats named Peekaboo (a female gray tabby) and Mistoffelees (a male cat with long white/orange fur). I did not know them very well, nor what happened to them during that time. But around 2003 or 2002, my parents got our first indoor cat. He was a black cat named Franklin. He lived a long life, had him until I was 13 where we had to take him to a shelter because he was very old and was going through alot. Not sure if he is still out there today, probably in kitty Heaven.

But that was the past. The current members of the family began coming in a few months after Franklin's departure, originally to help with a mouse problem at my dad's house. That was when we adopted Shinobu, a skinny male black cat, while my mom adopted Neru, a female super fat black cat.
On black friday, our 3rd cat, Sousuke the male tuxedo cat, was adopted.
Then after I finished 9th grade, a friend of my mom's gave us Coco, our female calico cat, and probably the oldest.
I got my cat on the Christmas of 2018 when he was a kitten.
And our newest and youngest cat, Boomer the brownish-gray tabby (raccoon hybrid?), was rescued when he was 2-weeks old in 2020 by my dad while working in the big city.

That's just a summary of the history of my cats though. I don't want to get too lengthy on my introduction post. In the future, when I move in about next year with the family, I will be looking into having a side job as a cat sitter. Currently, I am signing up to become a "kitten cuddler" (a program where you take care of baby kittens in a shelter, raising Boomer I have some experience) Not sure if I'm allowed to talk about myself too much, but of course I will focus on the cats because cats come first. Cats are priority!
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