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An Angel Next To An Angel

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My 5 day year old kitty had died at 12am, Thursday August 22. We aren't sure what was wrong with kitty, he lived a short life and left his sibling behind. Eating rather healthy, we believe his problem was in his bowels and/or bladder. He hadn't gained weight, and didn't urinate in 24 hours - then he kept it up! We thought he was getting better, and it came to a shock that he had passed, 12 hours before his vet appointment.

His little sister is eating healthy, urinated, BMing, and eyes are now beginning to open. She has a health certificate and we hope and believe that she will do fine.

Blackie is now buried next to my most loved cat, JBC, who was hit by a car on Oct. 08, 2002. Although his name was weird, I also called my little creamed cat my boyfriend. He loved me so much. Now my boyfriend and my baby will rest in peace together, where JBC can watch, and take of little blackie. Two of my angels, together forever.
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I'm very sorry Aonir for your losses. I will keep his sister in my prayers.
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