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An Extremely sad day

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:cry: I just got a call from my mom. She told me that one of my brothers stupid friends accidentally let out our 8 year old Siamese yesterday afternoon. My brother, being an idiot didn't even notice that he was gone. My mom noticed he was gone in the middle of the night when he wasn't sleeping with her and the other two cats were acting strange. She got up and went to look around the house, then confronted my brother. This cat has always been an indoor cat.

The horrible thing is, when we adopted him when he was a year old...his previous owners had declawed ALL his feet. This cat has NO way of defending himself. Just another GOOD reason NEVER to declaw. Also, last night it was raining all night so he was out in that. I am so scared and can't stop crying. When my boyfriend gets home we are going to go over and help them look (we live about 45 minutes away).

He is microchipped which is good, but in order for that vet to know he's ours, someone has to take him to a clinic and they have to scan the microchip. He has a collar but he wasn't wearing it.

I KNEW this would happen when I moved out. My brother is SO irresponsible towards the cats. I am so mad at him you have no idea. He's 19 and he's going to college next year....this is good, he can't cause any more trouble.

I just hope that my cat is ok. He is my all time favourite cat....I mean I have my kitten who I love but that cat was just the all time best cat ever. No other cat has measured up to him. He is used to going outside, I put his collar on him and he knows how to walk on a leash...a lot of time I let him out into the backyard with just the collar and he comes when he's called ALL THE TIME.

Man, I wish I could be home looking for him now. Sorry this is so long, does anyone have any ideas on how we could find him????? We have notified Animal Control and the humane society as well as letting a ton of neighbours know. My mom was out with our dog saying "get the cat" and my dog was sniffing like crazy but didn't find anything.

Thanks. :cry:
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So sorry. I would just be a complete wreck if my cat ever got out and disappeared. It is very sad to think about how far away he could have wandered. :cry:

We pray that the next time you post you will have good news.
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