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I have three cats: Starbuck - 4 year old long haired grey barncat; Lux - almost 4 year old small black half tabby, half Himalayan (short hair with a crazy undercoat), and Boomer - a very fat 2 1/2 year old short haired tortoise shell - all girls. I love them all so much! They all have completely different personalities, and it sooo funny to see how they interact with one another.

I come to this forum seeking advice, so I'm going to go ahead and just post my question below...

I have three indoor/outdoor cats. As of recent, they have all been throwing up for different reasons. Starbuck throws up after meals sometimes. She also has horrible hairballs, but those are usually quelled w/ brushing & medicated hairball treats. These vomits are not hairballs. Lux only throws up grass about an hour after she's been outside. Boomer will throw up grass, & in the mornings will throw up stomach acid. We feed them three times a day, about a 1/4 cup every time. We haven't let them outside in a few days, hoping that maybe it was a pesticide on someone's grass, or a bad mushroom. But, it's been 3-4 days and Starbuck and Boomer are still throwing up everyday (Starbuck after a random meal, Boomer stomach acid every morning). They are not lethargic AT ALL, nor have their mannerisms changed in anyway, besides the vomiting. They still romp and play and whine and purr just like they always have. We saw a few fleas on Starbuck a few days ago, & gave everyone flea baths, thinking that that might have been why, but Starbuck & Boomer are still vomiting once a day. We would have taken them to the vet already, but no one is acting sick besides the barfing. Sigh. Help?!
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