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Well, Miss Momo has been a part of the family for just slightly over 4 months now. She has fully integrated with the rest of the furkids and plays with Star and Lucky. Momo and Midnight will probably not be the best of friends, but they do tolerate each other and will have the occasional hissy kitty spat (hissing and batting at each other, but no blood drawn...thank goodness!). They can sit near each other about 85% of the time without any problems, so we've given her access to the house at night now. No more being cooped up in my son's room overnight for her. And she's mellowed out since being given her 24 hour freedom. She still will try to bite your face if she's not in the mood to be picked up, but she does give a low growl as a warning first.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of her with Star last month with my cell phone (before it was stolen). Enjoy!

She was spooning with Star and had started to groom him.

A slightly better picture of Momo grooming Star.
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