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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted Andi pictures! Here are some I took the other day of her watching the bunnies. I finally got some good eye pictures!!!

Bunny, it's what's for dinner. LOL! I didnt notice she had her tongue out until after I looked at the pics on my computer.

This is how she usually sits while watching the bunnies.

She felt jealous the bunnies had a place to hide in, so she decided to take over.

Of course, Jazz (one of our black bunnies) didn't think that was cool. I picture Office Space... "ex... excuse me.. you have my rabbit hut... it was over there, but now it is here... and it's my rabbit hut...."

Here are some close ups of Andi!

Hope you all enjoyed! She turned 1 year old this month!!

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