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I have two cats that were never able to be with my other cat (I tried for 8 months. It wasn't just the occasional hiss or slap. This was roll-on-the-floor, screaming, fur flying fights. They daily growl at my resident cat and he will go straight up to the gate and stick his paw in there and try to hit them). Anyway I can't find homes for the other two (not my resident cat) and I'm not having any luck. My mom wants to try to take one, but her and my dad already have a cat who is very high-strung and nervous. At first we didn't think they could bring in another cat because it would probably stress her out more. But now I'm wondering if it would work. She didn't get this way until after her sister died. They were from the same litter. The one who is still living was a little bossy and would have boxing fights with her but nothing serious. But anyway she got more nervous and high-strung after the other cat died. So now I'm wondering of another cat would help calm her down rather than stress her out more. So she's a 10 year old female and the one we're trying to introduce to her to is a 5 year old male. He is much larger than her, though.
I also don't know how the male will respond. I think a big part of the reason it didn't work out with the cat I already had is because they are both males. So maybe he'd get along with a female?
Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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