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Thank you for listening to my issue. Obviously I have tried various tactics without success. It is ruining my life and wallet so I found this forum.

My 5-year old female cat(spayed) regularly pee/marks my sofa.
I live with 2 more cats who do not have any problems. All are indoors.
The sofa is fabric.
I have 3 different covers which I put over the sofa and routinely wash.
She pees on it an average of every 3 days.
Countermeasures: disciplining her when I see her doing it in front of me(verbally, water spray, light physical), removing her from the living room, spraying it with some "anti-cat" fragrance, cuddling together with her on the sofa so she sees its as a place that I use.
After years of the constant urination even the cover sheets do not protect it 100% and the sofa has absorbed a lot of the smell and coloration.
I cannot wash it so I have to throw it out and buy something new.

So basically I want to ask:
1) If anyone has gone through the same thing and how did they handle it?
2) What type of material will turn a cat off such behaviour or desire to mark/pee on a sofa? I don't want to spend thousands on a new leather sofa just to go through the same ordeal again.
3) Are there any other methods of changing this behaviour? She goes to the litter box properly but it feels like she "wants" to pee on the sofa despite knowing that there is no benefit of doing it \. I have other cats who sleep on that sofa so I don't want to lock them out for her sake.

So that has been my life for the last 5 years!If anyone can offer any insight that would be much appreciated!

The culprit is the fat on on the top left. The 3 are on the sofa with a blanket and the brown thing is the cover.

*Edit: All 3 are rescue street cats from around my neighborhood. The culprit was rescued at 4 months old (the other 2 hand raised from infancy), so she has had proper "street cat" mentality and lifestyle and is super jittery/wary of humans. I sometimes feel her way of thinking is still very untamed and wild, despite being very affectionate sometimes. Not sure why but I feel she has had a lot of trauma and her many unexplainable/weird behaviour may be related to that street survival period.
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