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Hello :)

My name is Chantal, I'm 21 years old, Australian, and have been a kitty (and animal) lover all my life. I've always had cats, having grown up with them (we had six for a very long time), and they've always been an intrinsic part of my life. I could not live without them, I wouldn't know how!

I know a lot of you have multiple cats, but have likely had a 'special' cat you bonded with as if they were your soulmate. Two years ago, my 'soulmate' cat, as I've come to think of her, was poisoned on purpose by some disgusting person (I never found out who). Her death absolutely rocked my world. I became depressed, devastated, suicidal. The world had become a horrible place, a place where a stranger could murder the love of your life, a wonderful, innocent lady with so many years of life left in her, murder her for no reason at all and with no warning. My heart was shattered into little pieces.

After a few of months of wallowing in my own depression, I realized things weren't getting better and I had to be pro-active in my recovery process. For me to move on, I had to make her death *mean* something. It had to have a reason, there needed to be some kind of good that came of it. So I decided to adopt an older cat (Whisper, 9 years) from our local shelter, to give a new lease of life in place of the life that had abruptly ended. Additionally, I decided to annually sponsor a cat cage at the shelter, in memory of my soulmate Miko.

Since then, I've become quite active in regard to animal welfare activism, I donate to animal charities regularly and spread the word about important issues like shelter adoption, spaying and neutering, advocacy against pet stores that sell pets, quality diets and other things that I feel don't get enough attention in today's society. I don't have a car right now but as soon as I do you can bet I'll be volunteering at my local shelter as much as humanly possible. I've also rescued two more cats since then, Kairi (15 months) and Tidus (7 months) and when I get a bigger place and a little more income, I plan on rescuing a few more adorable kitties and giving them a wonderful foreverhome :) Every effort I make to improve the life of an animal is made in memory of Miko and all the beloved animals I've lost before and since (my last 'original' cat, Angel, died six months after Miko, which further broke my spirits and prolonged my failure to get over my grief).

Today I live with my human life-partner Dan, and our three beautiful kitties Whisper, Kairi and Tidus. The four of them light up my life and I always try my hardest to give them the best lives they can possibly live. I'm so glad to find a community that cares about their pets and has a close bond with animals as I do. You're all wonderful people :)

I hope to see you all around!
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